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We are also now breeding a few litters of Mini Bordoodles which are a Border Collie crossed with a Miniature Parti Poodle.

These puppies are absolutely outstanding with gorgeous natures.

The Bordoodle is hypoallergenic which makes them ideal for those that suffer from allergies

The mother is a Pure Bred Border Collie and the father is a Pure Bred Miniature Parti Poodle which means that they will be a smaller to medium size dog.

These puppies are extremely intelligent not surprising though considering that both the border collie and the poodle are considered to be the top two most intelligent dog breeds in the world passing this on to their offspring.

These puppies have a truly loving nature, are super affectionate, and playful and just love being around people making them the perfect dog for those that want a dog that loves to be part of the family.

They are suitable for all, whether you are a retiree, single, couples, or families with children they will make the most loving companions.

Their superior intelligence makes them very easy and quick to train and the Poodle in them means that they do not need as much exercise as some breeds, it also makes them an ideal indoor dog as well.

Their coat is non shedding and extremely soft, and low maintenance.

So if you are looking for that very special new addition to your family then you must come and have a look at these and we are sure that you will look no further. Seeing is believing. The photos do not do them justice.

So if you would like to come and view these puppies when we have some available or have any further questions. Please contact us.

Yoyo Panda Ade robR.jpeg
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